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What's Happening in Music & Movement?
What's Happening in Music & Movement?
Students are learning about how movement connects with several aspects of music, the concept of steady beat, and they are being introduced to two concrete pitches. They are using things like song games, instruments, visuals, and hands on manipulatives to help introduce these concepts. At the same time they're having a BLAST!
Winter Fun!
Our students are learning several winter-themed songs such as "Frosty Weather," "Grizzly Bear," "Pass the Snowball," "Once There Was a Snowman, an indoor snowball parachute game, paper plate ice skating, and several activities that incorporate music from "The Nutcracker."
What Musical Concepts are Your Children Learning?
Priest Street Students will learn the concepts of steady beat, tempo (slow/ fast), dynamics (soft/ loud), rhythm (reading and speaking rhythms such as quarter notes and eight notes,) low vs. high, singing techniques, and notes on the scale (sol/ mi). They will also learn various terms such as coordination, staccato, piano, forte, largo, allegro, presto, and many more!
Students are currently working towards popcorn and parachute party if they collectively earn 10 music notes as a class. Music notes are earned for good behavior and attentiveness to our classroom rules. We will play parachute games with pom poms as we make them pop like popcorn, then we will watch real popcorn pop in a theater style popcorn machine! Lastly, the students will learn about the science behind why popcorn pops as they enjoy their salty snack.
Donations appreciated!!
Donations appreciated!!
Any musical instruments that are not being used will gladly be accepted! Our students LOVE playing instruments, and they are eager to explore new ones! Please contact Mrs. Dahlstrom if you would like to donate!
Looking for Guest Musicians!
A challenge has been posed to the students to bring in a guest musician to perform for their class. If you or someone you know plays an instrument or sings, and would feel comfortable coming to do a short performance for a class, as well as answer some questions, we would love to have you come! If you are interested, please email me at I will send you the available time slots for your child’s class, and inform you of the process. This is a big incentive for the students in Music & Movement, since this performance will earn their class 3 music notes!! (For every 10 music notes, each class receives a special party. The students usually earn a music note with good behavior.) Many of our students have not seen real instruments beyond guitar or piano. It would be a special treat for them to see real music in action! Please email me with any questions. Thank you!
The music department here at Priest Street was fortunate enough to receive a generous donation of handbells for our students. We have been using these bells to learn how to accompany a melody. The students are learning how 2 or more pitches work together, the importance of timing, teamwork, and attentiveness when playing instruments. The students love these handbells!